Deep Wild Explosion

Authenticity, vision, courage, surrendar expressed through movement, sound, and senses in raw natural and human environments

Woods Ecstacy

Your wild, wise self out! Smell, breathe, moan, wrap a tree, roll in the Mother! Access that which your are beyond your wildest imagination. Complete presence - completely safety. No doubts. Immersion in True Nature - Yours!

Radical Swimming

Surrender immersion into the Aliveness Blood of Gaia. No cold, no hot, no Time. You are Dolphin, Salamander, Whale, Starfish, and beyond.

Outrageous Performance

Primal authenticity expression to humanity. Gut-heart ripping as blood and divinity wash through all. Shame, hiding, deception unmasked. Shocking into peace. Movement, guttural releases, body art unleashed, bliss tones. Clown, Fool, Beastie, Seer.

Risky, Dangerous, Vital to Life!

The true danger lies is killing your incredible aliveness. Really risky is suppressing your wild, bursting, yearning, knowing. Being outrageously You is only true safety. Shattering illusion of separateness, we know we are One.

No Guarantees Except God

All is possible. God is inevitable. Release binding illusions and Fly.... tasting, knowing, touching Real beyond Real

Die, Birth, and Serve

You are called - resistance is Pain. Surrender is Bliss. Die, Know, Give Great Blessings to All